GT3 2012

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GT3 2012

Apex Modding would like to finally, officially present our complete GT3 mod for rFactor 2 ! We are ecstatic to share it with you. It took years of work to create, improve and fix content, as well as stay current with game and technology updates.

If you enjoy our work and wish to support us for past content or to support future work (of which there is plenty), you can donate any amount through this link. Your help is truly appreciated.


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Steam Workshop
Templates (dropbox)
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Car list

If you downloaded our mod outside of Steam, please do not forget to install "AM_FIAGT3_2012.rfcmp" as it is the file that contains the sounds. Below is a summarized changelog between our last public beta and our v1.0 release. Enjoy the reading and we hope you will enjoy racing a full grid of cars - Bentley, BMW, two Chevrolet, McLaren, Mercedes, and an Italian and another German manufacturer – both offline and online !

Change log


We really hope you have a lot of fun with this free mod !